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 Point penalties for ATR players

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PostSubject: Point penalties for ATR players   9th May 2010, 14:01

At this point i am going to suspend for the moment penalty points to ATR in cup for
- not competing
- not sending in replays
- not voting

You are grown adults and the expectation is you come to cup to compete, you send in the replays and you vote.

However if you have a gripe about the track and you post it on the forum having not made a vote for the track i will still penalise you 5 points. The vote topic is there for a reason to provide feedback to those who are trying to select the tracks. If you have a gripe then vote with the numbers first, then post a comment about it. If you dont want your comments public send me a PM. Even it its my map - if you think its no good say so but it would be nice if you said more than just "its crap"

If you cant compete then if you can drop a line on the forum to let us know that would be great. Life has unexpected twists and turns i dont need a justification - just say you cant make it.


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Point penalties for ATR players
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