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 Concept and Format

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PostSubject: Concept and Format   22nd May 2010, 08:45

What is ATR Cup
ATR cup is a monthly private competition run by ATR and involving ATR players. It may also involve invited teams or teams on a month by month basis. Each monthly competition starts on the first Sunday of each month the exact time may vary but will always be detailed on the ATR forum. The cup is played on ATR cup server located in France – Ile-de-France – Paris or through the link tmtp://#join=atr_cup

The ATR cup consists of two stages
Stage 1 – Time Attack:
On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of each month, you discover a new track on the cup server. You have until the time the next track is loaded a week later to set the best time you can (change over time for maps are listed on the ATR forum).

Stage 2 – Finals - Rounds
Following the stage 1 in time attack a finals is held in rounds mode. The time and date of this mode is organised based on availabilities posted on the ATR forum. In the finals all three maps played in the prior weeks will be played (in the same order they were played during the month) with a point limit of 76 points for each map and 2 warm up rounds on each track. As there are a limited number of places/slots on the server if necessary precedence for participation in finals will be given according to rank at the end of week 3 of cup.

For both stage 1 and 2 of ATR cup a points ranking system is used and rankings will be updated after each week and posted on the ATR forum. Whilst the points issued for each placing are the same the manner in which they are issued varies between the two stages.

1st25 pts
2nd20 pts
3rd16 pts
4th13 pts
5th11 pts
6th10 pts
7th9 pts
8th 8 pts
9th7 pts
10th6 pts
11th5 pts
12th4 pts
13th3 pts
14th 2 pts
>=15th1 pt
DNF0 pt

For the time attack stage placings will be assigned based on the finishing times for each map. Whilst for the finals they will be based on the total number of points earned in the finals round. If two or more drivers are tied on any placing (ie equal time during time attack or equal number of points in finals) they will be awarded the same points according to that placing. The points will then be issued to the next driver/s according to the number of drivers in front of them.

For example consider 6 drivers A, B, C, D, E, F with times (from stage 1 in time attack) as listed in the following table then placings and points would be assigned as indicated

DriverRace TimePlacingPoints

If there are multiple players tied on points for first place for the month after finals the result for finals will be used to decide the winner. If players can still not be separated according to this then the players will be awarded as equal winners. Lower rankings than first will not be differentiated and will share the position.

Expected Behaviour
No cuts: stay on the road or jump.
Respect one another!
And have fun!!!!!

Whilst ATR Cup is a private competition and a password is required to play on the server if anyone comes to the server in spec or expresses an interest in having a look at cup then let them and give them the current password these players are considered as visitors. The password will be provided to invited teams and in the case of ATR players can be found in the ATR only section of the forum. Any visitors will not however be a part of any official standings. It is expected that anyone playing on the Cup server (ATR players or members of invited teams) will provide the password to such visitors.

Track Selection
Tracks for ATR Cup will generally be made by ATR members and be of lengths between 1:15 and 1:45. However at times shorter maps will be used and also longer maps of up to 3 minutes duration.


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Concept and Format
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