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 Rules for ATR Cup

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PostSubject: Rules for ATR Cup   27th May 2010, 10:10

OK here are the proposed new rule books for ATR Cup

These have mostly been translated into other languages using the translation features of Google (except Gunner has done the Dutch for the concept and info - thanks Gunner).

Before these go into the ATR Cup section - we need to make sure that the translations are all ok. So if you can read the ones in languages you understand and make a post under the relevant one if any corrections are needed. Also please post if it all looks ok.

In particular can you also look at the various directory structures that are shown for locating things. Only playing with english computers i dont know whether "my documents" for instance gets translated into the different respective languages in windows or for instance if "Replays" in trackmania gets translated.

These details i think are important to get right. If the pictures matched also would be great - but for the moment i think the english ones are ok.

If you think there is a language missing tell us so we can try and do it.


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Rules for ATR Cup
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