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 Got a mission for you guys...

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Got a mission for you guys... Empty
PostSubject: Got a mission for you guys...   Got a mission for you guys... Icon_minitime25th October 2010, 23:32

Hey guys, It's me, K.I.T.T.

I've come here to ask you for a little favour. My good friend and member of this team, Tortu, told me that here are very good skinners.

Well, I've got a problem, because about skins I only know how to work with the in-game skinner and not much more. You see, as K.I.T.T. I need skins to represent my character, and so far I've got a normal skin and an attack skin... Those who watched the new Knight Rider series know what I'm talking about.

The problem is, I got a skin for my 4WD/Off Road Mode, but it hasn't got any scanner. You see this image?

Got a mission for you guys... Tmpphpaaeteg

It's the Shelby Mustang GT500KR wide model, from T.O.M., with the 2D skin Knight Rider 2008 Attack Mode by Knight J. It can be found at Trackmania Carpark. I won't post any links, since I haven't read the forum rules yet and I don't know if it's ok to put links.

Ok, you see the scanner? That's painted in the Details.dds file, and I think that because when I paint the car (the diffusse.dds file changes), the scanner doesn't dissappear.

Well, I want to put a scanner like that here, in this two holes in the hood of this other skin:

Got a mission for you guys... Tmpphpmuoqi0

That car is the Ford F-150 Monster Truck model by Manhunt, with a skin I made in the in-game painter. Of course, this car is also at Trackmania Carpark.

Well, what I'm asking here, as a little favour, is somebody to download the model from Manhunt, put a scanner bar in the details.dds, like the model from T.O.M., and pass it to me so I can add my diffusse.dds.

As I said before I know that in this team are very good skinners that will do that blindfold... Tortu told me, don't make him a liar now.

I can't offer much... I was thinking of a 1000 coppers reward if the skin comes out fine. Maybe isn't much, but it's all the money I got in-game... That makes you think how desperate I am to get that scanner bar on the skin, huh?

Thanks in advance, guys... I know you won't dissappoint me Wink

PS: If someone decides to make it... There's this model in the Carpark, Shelby Mustang GT500 2007 by Bin, with the skin Knight Rider 2008 Knight 3000 Nanotech by Knight J. It has an amazing blue license plate with "KNIGHT" on it... If you can take that license plate and put it onto the Monster Truck, along with the scanner bar... 200 extra coppers and my friendship for life Razz

EDIT: Ok, never mind, guys, I found an easy way to make it myself and I've seen that's impossible to do, since the Details.dds is screwed up or something. Sorry you won't be able to collect the 1000 coppers reward Neutral
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Got a mission for you guys...
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